The Wedding of James Austin and Millicent StewartThis website is dedicated to the ancestors and relations of James Arthur Austin, my Father, born in Govan, Glasgow on 15 October 1896 and my Mother, Flora Catherine Haines, born in Gloucester St. Winchcomb Glocs, on 17 November 1920. Also to all those other names related to them.


You can use any of the links above to browse our Family Tree. You will need exact spellings to find a match in our Search Engine. The Calendar link will show you the dates in the month and those who have a Birth, Marriage or Death. You can see all of the Surnames/Last Names in our tree and you can browse by Birth place too. The Gallery will show you the latest images uploaded to the tree and you can also find any Documents we may have.


Once you have found a Person of Interest, you can download a PDF of their record, or by clicking on the “Graphic Display” link you will see their Pedigree Tree. If you have any information to add or change you can send it to us via the contact form or submit links.


We are currently researching in Ireland, Scotland and England, but have many relatives in America, Canada and Australia. You can view the Austin Family Tree on the links above, but will need to register to view the records of the living.


If you are not related to the above Austin, but would like to start your own Family tree, or you would like this program built on another website, please contact me for more information.



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